On the assumption that you are looking here because you intend to get married, many congratulations to you!

This page is intended to help you find out about having a wedding at one of our five churches in order to mark the occasion.

The Immigration Act 2014 came into being on March 2nd 2015, and this means that any person whose nationality is from a country outside the EEA or Switzerland will need a Superintendent Registrar’s Certificate. This can take up to 70 days to obtain, and so applications need to be made early if this applies to you!

Did you know there are now more churches to choose from?
To recognise the changing nature of our society, the Church of England has widened the choice of church to enable couples to get married in churches that might be special to them.

The legalities

Getting married is a legal ceremony and, inevitably, there are a number of legalities that need to be sorted out if you wish to get married in church. We’ve created a page on this website to help you find out more but please do speak to the Vicar if you are unsure about any issue.

Can we get married in the church?

Unfortunately, there are many myths about who can and who cannot get married in church. You can get married in church whether or not you have been christened and whether or not you regularly go to church. We’ve created a page on this website to help you find out more.

When can we get married?

To be legal a church wedding must take place between 8am and 6pm. Actual dates are usually arranged in conjunction with the Vicar. Any day of the week is technically possible to hold a wedding, but Sundays are often difficult (but not impossible) because of regular church services. Please note that Christmas and Easter are particularly busy times of the year for our ministers and the wider church community. It is not always possible to accommodate requests for a wedding during these major Christian festivals.

What does it cost?

There are certain fees and costs that come with a church wedding, but some depend on how you want to customise the day to suit your needs. We’ve created a page on this website to help you find out more.

Click here for frequently asked questions about marriage

National website

The Church of England have provided a national website at yourchurchwedding.org with even more useful advice, answers to questions and stories of other couples. Definitely worth bookmarking if you are planning on getting married.