It is natural for adults who have faith for themselves to seek Baptism for themselves and also for their children since those children are going to be brought up within the church and in a Christian household.

Baptism is considered by the Church to be a ‘sacrament’. In other words, it is a visible sign on the outside of something that God’s love is doing on the inside. In baptism, we are thanking God for his gift of life and publicly acknowledging his love. We are acknowledging that we need to turn away from selfishness and sin and make a new start with God.

Is Baptism right for you?

In baptism big promises are made. For adults and children who are being baptised this means following Jesus by becoming part of the worshipping community. For parents who make these promises on behalf of their children they commit to the same.

If you feel that you cannot make the above commitments on behalf of your children then a ‘Service of Thanksgiving’ could be an alternative. In a Thanksgiving Service, the focus is on welcoming the child into the family, giving thanks for this new baby and ending with a prayer for God’s blessing on the child. It doesn’t involve making the big promises that baptism demands.

Who can get baptised here?

If you live within the parish boundaries or are a regular worshipper at one of our churches you can get baptised here.

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