Ladies’ Prayer Group

What we do
A group of ladies meet weekly to pray together every Saturday morning.  At present meetings are online, using Zoom.
The meetings are for one hour starting at 10am·  Over coffee we share what has been happening in our lives and situations or
people who have asked for prayer.   We read a short passage from the bible, which always inspires us and often shapes our prayers,
for the world our communities and our Benefice.


Who we are
There are 12 ladies in the prayer group and average 8 ladies each week.  We are Christian women who believe in the power of prayer.

What we experience

Here are some of the comments made by members of the prayer group.

“The Prayer Group sets me up for the week and puts the world into perspective.”

“Sharing together and praying together give us inner peace.”

“We feel supported and nourished”

“You know you can endure hard times with grace when you now that the summit is just a prayer away.”

“It is good to know that you can share what is happening in your life in this safe environment.”