Beacon Men

beaconThis outreach to the wider community  group is open to all men living in:

Coxheath, East Farleigh, Hunton, Linton, West Farleigh and beyond

The objective of the group is to promote, through a programme of social events, opportunities to build friendships and to provide, without pressure, an opportunity to explore what the Christian faith is about

If you would like more information about Beacon Men or any of our events please contact any of our officers who will be happy to help.

Upcoming Beacon Men’s Events

For further details on our events please contact Mike on 07595 428639 or Steve on 01622 297144 or email us at all are welcome.


Find us on Facebook – LET IT SHINE

Officers and contacts

Chairman: Steve Poole 01622 297144
Treasurer: Mike Marsh 07595 428639
Event co-ordinator: Position Vacant

Past events include:

  • Canoeing
  • Curling
  • Bar Billiards
  • Mens Breakfast
  • Mobility Scooter Race
  • Sailing weekend
  • Bowling
  • Brewery Visit
  • Quiz Night
  • Gadget Night