February 2017

I recently visited a friend who has moved from London to Greatstone . She is now coming to terms with having a mile and a half round trip to the nearest post box, learning how the Council deal with refuse/recycling and not having a major shopping centre ‘on the doorstep.’

She is thrilled to be able to walk the dog on the beach each day, the better air quality, which is improving her health, getting to recognise birds in the garden and the thrill of hearing the RHD railway as it crosses the end of the road. She is also trying to learn some of the history of ‘The Marsh’ which makes it special.

What she does not like is the number of cars delivering and collecting children from school. Parents block the road, despite a huge school car park; they will not give way to residents trying to get home and some arrive an hour before school ends then sit waiting with the engine running blowing fumes across the school car park. Nationally tests have shown that the most polluted air in a community is often around the school.

I wonder how many parents actually need the car for the school pick up? We know from our own schools that some children live too far away to walk but others live within a reasonable distance. Apart from the exercise, when I was at school, we used to enjoy the camaraderie on our walk to school, or later the bus journey. We learnt some independence and responsibility along the way and we know exercise is good for us. Apart from which, what is it teaching this next generation?

All church members are encouraged to ‘strive to safeguard the integrity of creation and to sustain the life of the earth.’ However this should be the responsibility of ALL of us. We only have one planet earth. Hildegard of Bingen said that ‘God made all things in consideration of everything else’ – it is only man who destroys all things regardless of everything else.

So this Lent it would be a good idea to give up waste.

  • Turn the thermostat down and add another layer,
  • Boil only the water you need.
  • Use only the water you need (turn the tap off)
  • Buy less – therefore waste less.
  • Think about the packaging.


As John Taylor said ‘Let us live simply so that others may simply live.’ We all have that responsibility.

With Kind Regards