September 2016

This is the time of year for new beginnings: young children starting school, older ones venturing into secondary school; young adults commencing at University or beginning a new job. Altogether a challenging time. So how do we cope with these issues? We are all different , so of course we shall each have our own way of dealing with things. Does our way include GOD or JESUS? For many it won’t, of course. This is unfortunate, because not only is God a great resource and enabler; He very often knows much better than we do, not only what is best for us, but what He would wish us to do. When we are young, we simply do not know what lies ahead: how could we? To what extent should we trust God’s judgement? His knowledge? Perhaps, somewhere, there are some words which may help us. In the seventh chapter of St. Matthew’s gospel, Jesus has some very wise words about how we should live our lives; and He sums up His advice with these words: “The man who hears these words of mine and acts upon them is like a man who had the sense to build his house on rock. The rain came down, the floods, rose, the wind blew, and beat upon that house; but it did not fall, because its foundations were on rock. Which way will we choose?

Hugh Grainger.