Goodness! Chris has slept in very late; I have been up and about for hours! I am sure it will be better to have a lazy day after yesterday. Most of the English friends have gone back so we spent some time sorting out and packing ready to leave tomorrow.


We did walk down to the Square where Chris had seen a new statue. It was of a woman called Ginger who had worked in one of the bars during what you call  First World War. Chris says it is  a good sculpture but it is outside the wrong bar! I suppose I could have sat on the chair and had my image taken but it would not be seemly for an Abbot. I don’t know how to use these camera things so I could not take Chris’s image.

In the evening Chris, Marc and Frieda went to a restaurant  so I was happy to have some quiet time. I made sure the doors were shut so that dog would not attack me. I must say she has made no effort since we arrived but she is far too bouncy for me!

I have used the term office a couple of times. Chris says that many people use that to mean their place of work – she used to work in an office in London! I mean the Church Daily Office which is our cycle of Prayer. This word comes from a Latin term which means Divine Duty. Oh dear, modern English can be very confusing for a small Abbot!