September 2015

I have just returned from holiday with Alison, and as well as enjoying some time with the family, we had some time just to ourselves. As part of that we explored a new part of Switzerland (which some of you will know has family connections on Alison’s side and where we visit fairly frequently.) We went off on a journey eastwards towards Lichtenstein and Germany, via the Italian part of Switzerland. We went over amazing mountain passes as high as you can imagine, and along deep valleys where the powerful rivers and waterfalls flowed. We saw vast plains of green in the agricultural areas as well as inhabitable rocky mountain tops. We drove (and walked a bit) along valleys that seemed to go on for ever, breathing in clean fresh air. We were mightily blessed with incredible scenery and beautiful landscapes. It reminded me of the majesty of God’s creation, and the beauty of this earth which we are privileged to inhabit and be given stewardship of. It reminded me also of the passage set for the Sunday before we left on holiday which talks of God’s love being higher, closer, wider, deeper, and further than we can imagine. The scenery was so impressive that it sometimes took our breath away but the thing that is really wonderful is that God, the creator of all of that, wants to be in a relationship with us, and whose love is so deep and wide and tall that we cannot bypass it, whether we try to go over, under or round it, and that he wants us to go further with him and achieve things that are beyond our imagining – the passage (Ephesians 3:14-21) tells us that God wants to do immeasurably more with us and for us than we can ask or imagine. We aren’t all able to see mountains and lakes as Alison and I have this past couple of weeks, but if we look for God in the small things of creation – a dewdrop reflecting the sun, a rainbow, a flower bud opening, a bird singing, a butterfly fluttering by – we can be inspired by the wonder of creation, and the depth and height and width and closeness of his love for us, and maybe go a little deeper and further with God than perhaps we had imagined.

Many blessings,