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by Aelred

We are to travel back to England. All this travel is so fast. It would have taken me weeks to do this journey and Chris says we should be home for tea! Chris managed to park the car near Marc’s house and packed everything, including some of the special roses. I checked that we had […]


by Aelred

Goodness! Chris has slept in very late; I have been up and about for hours! I am sure it will be better to have a lazy day after yesterday. Most of the English friends have gone back so we spent some time sorting out and packing ready to leave tomorrow. We did walk down to the Square […]


by Aelred

Chris got up early. I had been up ages ready for the office but Chris was going across to the House. I was amazed to see that she was wearing a robe rather than the leggings she usually wears. ( I think you call them a dress and trousers.) She also had her church robes. She explained […]

Belgium Again.

by Aelred

Hello! It has been some time since I was able to write to you. I hope you are all having fun in the summer! I had my second trip to Belgium. We got to Dover without problems but then we had to wait for the boat, just like in my day. We did leave on […]

September 2015

by admin

I have just returned from holiday with Alison, and as well as enjoying some time with the family, we had some time just to ourselves. As part of that we explored a new part of Switzerland (which some of you will know has family connections on Alison’s side and where we visit fairly frequently.) We […]

August 2015

by admin

I am sitting by the open window listening to a sky lark! I have not heard one for ages but years ago there were a number nesting in the fields around and when I was walking the dog I used to try to spot them up in the sky. We had cuckoos, too but I […]