O my word! Chris was down in Canterbury recently at the University called Christ Church. She tells me there are two Universities in the City- goodness me! Christ Church was founded by the Church, jusy like Universities in my day.

The University Chapel and the Cathedral

The University Chapel and the Cathedral

Anyway the room she was in had some really old books in which were recorded some laws of England. People were allowed to look at these books and she found one which had the laws of Henry 3 in them. This Henry was the Grandson of the Young King Henry whom I knew, and he ruled from 1216 – 1272.

This book was translated into modern English early in the last Century giving the laws of King Henry. There were some books written in Latin and what she calls early English but Chris has forgotten most of her Latin and does not read this early English. I wish I had been with her, I could have translated some for her.

Anyway the book she was looking at mentioned my beloved Rievaulx. She says the records show that we were given lots of new land by kind people and this book listed which lands we owned. Gosh I wish I had been with her to see that!

Maybe I can go with her one day and see if the books are still there.

I am almost late for Chapel so I really must go, it is not seemly for the Abbot to be late!

Every Blessing.

Abbot Aelred.