June 2015

As you read this letter, I will be in a distant land having jetted away for our annual holiday, which reminds me of a story which I now share with you.


Young Jimmy returns home from Sunday School and immediately gets out his toy aeroplane and zooms it around the lounge.  His mum asks the usual question “What did you learn today at Sunday School?”  Jimmy was a bit miffed and said, ”Mummy can’t you guess, I am playing with my aeroplane and I am  being Moses.”   Completely confused mum replies  “What has Moses got to do with an aeroplane?”  Jimmy scratches his head in disbelief and responds ”Moses was the first and only pilot in the Bible.”  Mum, not wanting to sound ignorant asks Jimmy to explain.  Jimmy excitedly explained that they had  learned that Moses headed up the “ flight from Egypt”


In life we often undertake journeys which either lead us away from one thing, or perhaps forward to experience something new and exciting.  Our personal life journeys can take many forms, some experiences we may want to leave in the past, others we definitely want to hang onto as long as possible.  The important thing for me is not travelling alone on life’s journeys.  People to share the highs and lows of such journeys with.  Jesus in what is known as “The Great Commission Matthew 28v20”  reminds us that he is always with us and will never leave us.


Whilst we may prefer to have a trained pilot at the controls when flying, there is no-one that I would rather have to travel with me on a daily basis than  Jesus.  Where ever life is leading you at present,  good or difficult, I pray that you be aware of your travelling companion, unseen but ever present.