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July 2015

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Abide with Me. Watching the FA. Cup Final, I was struck by the enthusiasm of that huge crowd as they joined the ‘fans choir’ to sing ‘Abide With Me.’ It is the favourite hymn of Queen Elizabeth, it has been sung on sinking ships, at major sporting events and at the passing of loved ones. […]

June 2015

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As you read this letter, I will be in a distant land having jetted away for our annual holiday, which reminds me of a story which I now share with you.   Young Jimmy returns home from Sunday School and immediately gets out his toy aeroplane and zooms it around the lounge.  His mum asks […]

May 2015

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Politics matters This month’s pastoral letter draws upon resources from Christians in Politics. I attended a fascinating workshop at the Spring Harvest Conference in April facilitated by CiP. More details from When you read this, the UK will be about to go to one of the most hotly contested elections in living memory. Yet […]

June 9

by Aelred

Hello! Today is St Columba’s day. Columba was the first Abbot of an important monastery on the Island of Iona in Scotland. He was Abbot from 563 until he died on this day in 597. Now 597 was the year Augustine landed in Kent so it makes me so cross the history books often say […]


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Hello! When I was coming back from Flanders I said that I grabbed my Rosary. Because I keep forgetting that your Church does not look to the Pope as head,  I am told you may not know what a Rosary is! Well the rosary is a form of combined prayer and meditation that has been […]


by Aelred

Hello! I keep forgetting that your church is not part of Rome. When I was in Belgium recently Rev. John used something called the Book of Common Prayer and the words were so familiar I was able to recite most of it. Of course in my day all the services were in Latin and many […]