The people we are staying with, Marc and Frieda, are friends and they have a shop which sells cakes and chocolates. I am looking forward to getting my whiskers around some of those! Chris has a problem which means she cannot eat the cakes but Frieda is making some special ones for her.

Some of Marc's cakes.

Some of Marc’s cakes.

When we have had our breakfast so we are going to the market which I am looking forward too.

As we leave the shop Chris meets some friends who are going to the big house opposite so we go with them. There are some friends of Chris called John and Shirley staying in the House and Shirley decides to come to the market with us so I can’t see much of it. Shirley has the same problem as Chris with food.

The market is quite big but it is not as noisy as the markets I remember, nor as smelly. In my day people used to shout about what was for sale and there were live animals around. Chris says she can remember live animals being sold at this market but everyone seems very restrained. If we stop to look at something people try to persuade us to buy but much more quietly than I remember and the only creatures I see are dead chickens being spit roast, apart from butchers stalls and fish stalls. There are a few dogs but they all appear to be with humans.

When people hear us speaking English they immediately start speaking in English. In my day everyone spoke French!

When we have bought what we need at the market Chris goes to a shop which she likes. It sells all kinds of things so we have a good look around and find some other things that we need. Shirley has to get back to the big house so we wander back through the market alone for lunch.

After lunch Chris goes to a big shop called a supermarket. I don’t understand after we were at market this morning but she tells me that she wants to buy some wine. Now that is something I approve of! I wonder if she will get any Burgundy. Citeaux is near a place called Nuits St George and they make excellent wine.

I decide to stay at home and meditate after all the noise and smells of this morning.

Every Blessing

Abbot Aelred.