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26 May

by Aelred

Hello! Today is the feast of St Augustine. There are two St Augustines which can be confusing! One is Augustine of Hippo but I am talking about Augustine of Canterbury. This St Augustine came to this country in 597 and became Archbishop of Canterbury. Seven years later, in 604, Augustine made St Justus the first Bishop […]


by Aelred

Oh my word! I have been invited out to lunch to a place called Bromley College. Guess where that is? Its proper name is Bromley and Sheppard’s College and it is has nothing to do with learning. This College was founded in 1666 by the Bishop of Rochester for widows whose husbands had been priests, and […]

Going Home

by Aelred

Hello! We are packing to go home. Oh dear I am still not sure about the sea! I am pleased to see that Chris has some of Marc’s chocolates. Frieda gave us some soon after we arrived so I have been tasting them through out the week-end. My habit is feeling a bit tight!! We […]

Sunday Morning

by Aelred

Hello, Chris’s friend, John is a priest and so we had a service in the Chapel. There is a family staying with John and Shirley. They are Irish but they now live in Brussels and they  asked if they could join us. Some of the children have been confirmed so they took mass with us. It feels a really […]

Saturday Afternoon

by Aelred

Hello! Chris was away a long time and when she got back she told me she had been to lunch with some friends who were at the meeting. She has to go back to the house to see Shirley so I go with her. This house was built in 1742 and was owned by a […]

Saturday morning

by Aelred

Hello! Chris has had to go to the big house for a meeting so I can stay here and meditate. Sometimes I use Lectio Divina to help understand the scriptures. I read a passage slowly, then re read it. If a word or phrase jumps at me I think about that during my prayers and ask […]

Friday Market

by Aelred

Hello! The people we are staying with, Marc and Frieda, are friends and they have a shop which sells cakes and chocolates. I am looking forward to getting my whiskers around some of those! Chris has a problem which means she cannot eat the cakes but Frieda is making some special ones for her. When we have […]


by Aelred

Hello, We drove to Dover to find a boat to a place called Dunkirk. Chris says there is a place called Dunkirk near Canterbury so I hope we don’t get confused! We loaded the baggage and climbed into the car, then we were off down a big road which Chris called a motor way. The roads are so much […]


by Aelred

Hello! To be perfectly honest when Chris said we were going to Belgium I was not sure where we were off to. Belgium is not a country I recognise.  Now if she had said Flanders then I would have had a better idea because in my day the Count of Flanders was a very important […]

Travel Plans

by admin

Hello, Chris tells me we are going to Belgium at the week-end. I am not looking forward to crossing the Channel to France. I am told it will only be two hours but I don’t understand how Chris knows the tides and winds will be so favourable; I have never done a crossing so fast. […]


by Aelred

Hello, I have just come back from Rochester. There is a festival called the Sweeps Festival When everyone needed their chimneys swept the festival, at the beginning of May, was the Sweeps’ Holiday. They had a 7 foot character called ‘Jack in the Green’ and had a ceremony at dawn on Blue Bell Hill near […]