I am told that you do not use Latin in church anymore and very few people understand it so you may not understand the little table of our day which I wrote last time. let me try to explain.

Vigils is from the Latin to mean watchfulness as we watch for the new day. Because we get up so early for Vigils we have to stand up in case we are not watchful and go back to sleep!

Chris told me that she stayed in an Abbey once and did manage to get up for Vigils but fell asleep in Lauds! I would have been cross if I were still Abbot. If you look carefully at the picture you will see a monk with a lantern, looking for brothers who are dozing off.

Monks in Chapel

Monks in Chapel

Lauds means praise as we give thanks for the new day. A concelebrated Mass is when all the priests say the Eucharistic Prayer together. I think you still have the Eucharistic Prayer in your Communion or Eucharist service.

Guess what sext means? It is 6 hours since Lauds and None is 9 hours.By 9:00 it is 3 hours since the start of the day so we celebrate Terce meaning 3rd.

Vespers is towards the end of the day and is actually named after Hesperus, the evening star.

Finally Compline is taken from the Latin which means complete and is the end of the day.

I wish it was Compline now because I feel very tired today. Maybe I shall try to find a quiet corner of the cloister for a little snooze.

Every Blessing

Abbot Aelred.