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by Aelred

Hello All, I have been asked why we are called Cistercians. Well our first monastery was founded in a place called Citeaux in France and the name developed from that. There is a drawing of the monastery in the 16 Century. Our very first monastery in England, Waverley Abbey,  was founded in 1128 near Farnham […]


by Aelred

Hello, I am told that you do not use Latin in church anymore and very few people understand it so you may not understand the little table of our day which I wrote last time. let me try to explain. Vigils is from the Latin to mean watchfulness as we watch for the new day. […]

Hello Again

by Aelred

Hello again, I told you I am a Cistercian Monk living in Rievaulx in Yorkshire. We are sometimes called White Monks because of our white habit. I wear a black Scapular over my habit to keep it clean. The monks in your Cathedral Monastery in Rochester are Benedictine and wear black habits. We all follow the Rule of […]


by admin

 Hello! I am Aelred and I have been asked to tell you a bit about myself. I was born in Northumberland in 1109, the son of a priest. Dad sent me to school at the Scottish Court where I grew up with Prince Henry, son of King David. The King gave me a job when […]

April 2015

by admin

Spring has sprung. The evenings are lighter, the day is longer, the weather is warmer. At least that’s what should be happening at this time of year – along with the April showers which bring refreshment and energy to the growing plants. Life begins to re-emerge and things are all a little greener. (By the […]